Trapped in hell.
I'm nobody.
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suicidemonsters ha chiesto: I love your blog! (:


Aw, thanks!

2.14 am.
I miss you.

the--lovely--anon ha chiesto: Looking at myself in the mirror and seeing me skinny gives me joy. But when I tried not to eat to be more skinny and therefore more happy, it hadn't worked. Why? When I couldn't eat all the things I loved, I was feeling weak and moody all the time. So I had to make a choice, and I chose to be happy. I realised that for me, it's more important feeling whole than super skinny. I am not as skinny as I wanted to be, but I am happier. Now it's your turn to make the choice! - With love, thelovelyanon


Yesterday died my friend from anorexia.
And only now I realize that it’s stupid not eating to become skinny, to be accepted from society.
I promised that I’m accept my self for who I am.
And sorry for my orrible english, I don’t know how exprime my self in english.

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Il problema รจ non pensarci.

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Stai bene fino a quando non ci pensi.
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